Work With the Tutor of Your Choice

YOU will choose YOUR tutor after you had a trial lesson with them & decide whether YOU feel inspired to embark this musical journey with them.

Get Treated as an Individual

What and how you learn is only determined by YOUR needs, abilities, requests and passion.

Choose to Either Follow a Syllabus or Tailor Make One

YOUR education will be of the highest standards. Regardless of the route, the destination and achievement will be the same.

The Day, Time & Location for Your Lesson is Your Choice

We are not everywhere but we can be. YOU decide the time, the place and we will be there.

Learn the Theory Required for Your Grade

We cover the required theory for each grade for FREE during the lesson. Stop worrying about having to pass a particular exam in order to carry on your studies. This approach means that YOU can attain a double certificate (instrument and theory) during the exam periods.

Receive Feedback on Each and Every Lesson

The feedback given in the reports allows the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, whilst allowing parents to track progress, and enabling our teachers to closely monitor and analyse the achievements of the students at any given time.

Gain ALL the above Through a 75-Minute Lesson

Our lessons cover all the needed aspects for a strong music foundation and neither should be rushed nor incomplete.

Improve Your Technique

It's not about playing some two or three pieces just to go through the exams. It's about having a strong foundation that supports your education throughout the years. Its about mastering YOUR dreams.

Become Great in Aural Tests and Sight Reading

One of the most important elements of musical education that is often lacking in other schools is the teaching of sight-reading techniques and aural training.Both subjects form the core of our tuition. Why should they be a challenge? These are standard requirements for any level of the ABRSM exam syllabus, and we offer comprehensive instruction in these key areas, which sets us apart from other schools.

Achieve Grades 1-8 or a Music Diploma Easily & with Great Results

Exams should not be the motif but could be easily achieved during the process of learning your instrument.
Receive FREE mentoring by one of our music experts: Every 4-6 weeks you will meet with your assigned supervisor for a FREE session that could involve music playing, discussing any issues and planning the years ahead.

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Our Team Of Qualified Music Teachers Deliver Creative And Fun Music Lessons