The Term

The term Theory of Music describes the academic study of the fundamental elements of music such as the pitch, rhythm, form and harmony. The importance of such study corresponds to that of practice lessons. Students who have Theory of Music lessons benefit their performance with better musical understanding and confidence.

Our Recommendation

In our music theory courses in London we encourage our students to take the theory exam for each of the 8 grades not just the compulsory Grade 5, and we plan for this in advance. Our approach teaches you theory in increments from the very beginning rather than suddenly having to commit to it at Grade 5 - thus enabling you to enjoy the entire process. This also minimises the risk of having to take a year off your practical studies until you complete your Grade 5 certificates.

Did you know?

Out of 20,689 students who took the ABRSM Grade 5 theory in the UK and Ireland in 2013, only 2,159 of them scored a distinction whereas 7,394 got a merit and 7,918 of them passed the exam. Unfortunately 3,218 students failed the exam, and these students now have to retake the exam to carry on with their Grade 6 practical studies.
Source: ABRSM Website

Our Method

We guide you from your very first steps in music learning - beginning with the basics of pitch and rhythm elements - to the fascinating world of music harmony, counterpoint or music composition.

Traveling through the history of music we introduce you to the works of the most representative composers from the Baroque period up to the 21st century. Let us explore their works and understand their structure as well as the style and period they were written in.

Features of Our Programme

  • Theory taught using practical examples of your musical instrument

  • Work on past papers and receive feedback on your answers

  • Understand music notation, pitch, rhythm and harmony

  • Explore the world of composition

  • Learn music terminology and performance directions as used in foreign languages

  • Classes taught privately or in small groups

  • Classes taught privately or in small groups

    Benefits of Our Programme

    • Confidently understand the exam questions

    • Learn the tools and formulas to derive theory from the practical use of your instrument

    • Keep the knowledge gained with you far longer than just the exam period

    • Understand the various musical genres

    • Improve your performance by applying your theoretical knowledge

      Music has the power of producing a certain effect on the moral character of the soul, and if it has the power to do this,it is clear that the young must be directed to music and must be educated in it.


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      Like with anything in life before practice come the theory and for us theory is the key that opens many musical doors.
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