Welcome to the Kotoulas Music School.

Our mission is to offer you an inspiring place and a caring atmosphere where students are motivated to explore their talents and thrive on their chosen subject. It is an environment of trust and good ethics, and our priority is to deliver high quality private tuition to each student.

If you are one of our students that means we believe in you. We can see your potential and we can work with you to turn this potential into creativity and inspiration for yourself and others. As much as you learn from your tutor, your tutor benefits from teaching you. We believe that the student can become better than their master. We anticipate our students to look up to us as well as we will look up to them in future.

Our excellent skills paired with our lengthy experience in the sector will support your education every step of the way.

Your education starts today!

 Our Approach

"It’s widely accepted that it takes 21 consecutive days to turn something into a habit"

Join the Kotoulas Music School to Create the Right Habits, and Turn Those Habits Into Success

There’s an abundance of music schools in the UK, different techniques, methods and syllabi as well as guidelines, rules and regulations about teaching music.

For us it is all about the VALUE.

The value we give to each and every one of our students forms our core. We strive to motivate all be excellent role models. We do so by seeing our mission from the student's perspective.

Students want to be:

  • Allowed to be who they are & express themselves

  • Entertained during their lesson

  • Supported with their demanding school timetable

  • Motivated to achieve their goals

  • Able to see the results of their effort

  • Taught the way that best suits them

  • Confident that they are receiving the best education

    We understand the uniqueness of each of our students and build with them their musical character.

    Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school

    Albert Einstein

    Lesson Structure

    Every lesson includes a warmup, practice of scales and pieces, and a cool down. In addition to that we invest time in sight-reading techniques and aural training. These are standard requirements for any level of the ABRSM exam syllabus as well as many syllabi internationally, and in addition to that we teach Theory of Music from the beginning. Theory is included in the lesson time and price, the benefit of which can lead to a double certificate (instrument and theory) during the exam periods.

    Why Us?


    In addition to the paid classes, students receive free mentoring sessions at regular intervals.

    We also create reports after each class to enable students and their parents to keep a close eye on progress. This provides an easy point of reference for discussion when necessary with the teacher.

    Musical skills development is achieved largely through aspiration and professional guidance and feedback.  We have thus created a triangular system of monitoring as well as mentoring. Information about the progress of our students flows within this triangle at all times in order to maintain effective communication, as well as to establish a relationship of trust and success. Feedback is provided not only by the student’s teacher, but also by one of the supervisors within our Music School.

    music teacher

     Your Achievents

    Work with a highly qualified tutor who will help you to:

    • Improve your technique

    • Excel in aural tests

    • Achieve fantastic results on your practical exam

    • And yes, our lessons are fun too!

       Your Journey

      The journey is just as important as the result. We help our students recognise the value of the skills they learn along the way, rather than simply focusing on what they will achieve in an exam, or what could be covered within a specific timeframe.

      We help students consolidate their knowledge and talent consistently to avoid last-minute stress or anxiety just before exams, and to produce the very best results possible.

      We’re proud to be able to introduce our students to a new musical world that involves:

      • Group lessons

      • Master classes

      • Video tutorials

      • Attending concerts

      • Writing reviews about musical works

      • Teaching their peers

      • Listening to music

      • Brief introductions to other forms of art, which are interlinked with music such as poetry, sculpture, paintings, film, literature, theatre, musicals etc.

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