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Supporting you all the way towards success

If you are looking for a PIANO ACCOMPANIST to help you with your preparation for an entry-level exam, an instrument audition, one-to-one lessons, recitals or competitions, we are here to maximise the chance of musical achievement, and to ensure the experience will be unforgettable.

We can supply you with a qualified PIANIST in LONDON who will not only play the piano part for you but give you feedback on the quality of your performance. Furthermore you will establish a professional relationship together, benefiting from a trusted collaboration for a future musical journey.


  • Choose an accompanist from our team that you work best with
  • Receive feedback on your performance
  • Build your program gradually with our accompanist*
  • Work with the same accompanist throughout your preparation and at your performance
  • Choose the location for your sessions
*The earlier you and your accompanist start to build your program – ahead of your performance date – the better. Program preparation is a work in progress and the more you communicate with your accompanist the better the results.

Your accompanist should understand your needs, share your vision and offer their musical expertise throughout your endeavors. This is crucial for your performance to be built with the right support. There’s a reason why in some American schools, the title collaborative pianist (or collaborative artist) replaces the title of accompanist.

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"The art of interpretation
is not to play what is written."

Pablo Casals

Benefits of using our accompanists:

  • We take pride in communication, time-keeping and preparation for the session
  • Feel supported during your preparation and throughout your performance
  • Our pianists will be 100% ready to deliver from the first minute
  • Payment is per hour (no travel fees within London)

Did you know?
Our PIANO ACCOMPANIST could also be the perfect choice for your MUSIC FACULTY CLASSES.

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Why us?

Our qualifications are of the highest standards and our approach is encouraging and positive. Our tutors have infectious enthusiasm for their subject matter, ready to inspire their students every day. We are devoted to delivering value our primary goal is to create happy and successful musicians.

Why theory?

We firmly believe that - as with anything else in life- before practise comes the theory. For this reason, music theory has a significant role in our syllabus. Theory is included in each of our lessons, during which we cover the equivalent level of the instrument.
Did you know?
Grade 5 theory of music certificate is required from any student wanting to take a grade 6 practical exam

Now that’s interesting!

Work with a highly qualified tutor who will help you to:
Improve your technique
Excel in aural tests
Learn the theory required for your grade
Achieve fantastic results on your practical exam And yes, our lessons are fun too!
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