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Music composition is a very important part of the theoretical curriculum in music studies. Understanding music composition helps your practical studies and advances your instrumental performance. Being a composer you have the ability to see and analyze music from the composer’s point of view.

Our program not only covers the basic theory required for your Grade, but goes much further, leading you to excel in composition, inspiring others and yourself.

What does studying composition consist of?
It consists of understanding musical elements, such as pitch, rhythm, notation, structure and harmony; and learning to combine these to compose a musical work.

Key features of our program:

  • Work on a bespoke syllabus
  • Write for solo instrument/voice or small orchestra
  • Learn how to write your music on paper and on notation software (Sibelius)
  • Have your music performed by students from our group lessons* program
  • Analyze the elements of the fundamental musical genres and their compositional patterns
  • Understand musical structure
  • Explore the pitch and rhythm organization
*instrumentation may vary depending on the students taking the class

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"If a composer could say what he had to say in words
he would not bother trying to say it in music"

– Gustav Mahler

Benefits of our program:

  • Receive useful feedback from your tutor and the performers
  • Improve your composition skills required for all the 8 grades of the music theory exam
  • Learn the technical tools of how to write your own music
  • Look at music from the composer’s point of view
  • Improve the understanding of notation
  • Widen your creative composition skills
  • Be influenced by the current compositional trends
  • Gain critical knowledge of the contemporary musical thought

Why take our Music Composition lessons?
Writing your own music is both creative and exhilarating. If you are looking for music production courses in London, enrich your composition skills first.

Each theory of music grade teaches you a small but important chapter on composition, which shows how important composition studies are throughout your journey - regardless of what your level you are at. This learning continues all the way to the higher education requirements for entry to most establishments, such as universities and music schools.

Create your own music and create your future

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Why us?

Our qualifications are of the highest standards and our approach is encouraging and positive. Our tutors have infectious enthusiasm for their subject matter, ready to inspire their students every day. We are devoted to delivering value our primary goal is to create happy and successful musicians.

Why theory?

We firmly believe that - as with anything else in life- before practise comes the theory. For this reason, music theory has a significant role in our syllabus. Theory is included in each of our lessons, during which we cover the equivalent level of the instrument.
Did you know?
Grade 5 theory of music certificate is required from any student wanting to take a grade 6 practical exam

Now that’s interesting!

Work with a highly qualified tutor who will help you to:
Improve your technique
Excel in aural tests
Learn the theory required for your grade
Achieve fantastic results on your practical exam And yes, our lessons are fun too!
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