Konstantinos Kotoulas

konstantinos kotoulas

“If you know music, you can speak every language”

Konstantinos Kotoulas

Composer, Pianist,Theory Tutor

Konstantinos was born in Kozani, Greece, in 1986, and his passion for music was evident from a very early age. His music career began with participation in school productions, and quickly developed into performances at prestigious events both locally and internationally. Konstantinos has performed as a piano soloist and a solo singer, as well as an accompanist to singers, choirs and composers. His career has also included time spent working as a singing coach in the theatre, and as a music producer. Since 2004 Konstantinos has worked with hundreds of children and young people, and his own musical career has helped him to develop the ability to build the confidence of his students, alongside helping them learn how to develop their own musical talents into an art-form. Konstantinos studied at Goldsmiths College (University of London) and holds a certificate in music studies, a BMus (Hons) and an MA in music composition. He has had the privilege of training with some of the greatest names in music, including Dmitri Smirnov, Roger Redgate, Michael Young, Alexnder Ivashkin and David Owen to name but a few.

Why us?

Our qualifications are of the highest standards and our approach is encouraging and positive. Our tutors have infectious enthusiasm for their subject matter, ready to inspire their students every day. We are devoted to delivering value our primary goal is to create happy and successful musicians.

Why theory?

We firmly believe that - as with anything else in life- before practise comes the theory. For this reason, music theory ha a significant role in our syllabus. Theory is included in each of our lessons, during which we cover the equivalent level of the instrument.

Did you know? Grade 5 theory of music certificate is required from any student wanting to take a grade 6 practical exam

Now that’s interesting!

Work with a highly qualified tutor who will help you to:

  • Improve your technique
  • Excel in aural tests
  • Learn the theory required for your grade
  • Achieve fantastic results on your practical exam

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