Group Music Lessons

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We learn better together

Learning as part of a group offers a wider perspective to private music tuition.You can imagine the tremendous benefits of going from playing solo to joining an orchestra. Group lessons compliment one’s education and widen the musical horizon. Some elements of the music can only be taught in a group such as the collaboration between the composer and the performer as well as the experience of preforming in the premiere of an original piece of music.

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Features of our group lessons:

  • Build performance confidence that will improve your exam results
  • Be part of a small group of musicians of equivalent or similar abilities
  • Prepare a repertoire that will be performed in public
  • Demonstrate your solo abilities within group
  • Composer-performer sessions
  • Give and receive feedback within your group

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"Music training helps under-achievers.
Students lagging behind in scholastic performance caught up to their fellow students in reading
and surpassed their classmates in math by 22% when given music instruction over seven months."

Nature, May 23, 1996

Benefits of our program:

  • Eliminate performance anxiety
  • Gain critical knowledge of performance interpretation by giving and receiving feedback
  • Perform in front of your peers or a larger audience
  • Gain a better understanding of music notation
  • Perform in groups that include various musical instruments
  • Improve your sight-reading/sight-singing (necessary for aural tests in grades 4 and above)
  • Prepare a wide repertoire that includes classical and jazz pieces, music from films and original music from our composition students

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Why us?

Our qualifications are of the highest standards and our approach is encouraging and positive. Our tutors have infectious enthusiasm for their subject matter, ready to inspire their students every day. We are devoted to delivering value our primary goal is to create happy and successful musicians.

Why theory?

We firmly believe that - as with anything else in life- before practise comes the theory. For this reason, music theory has a significant role in our syllabus. Theory is included in each of our lessons, during which we cover the equivalent level of the instrument.
Did you know?
Grade 5 theory of music certificate is required from any student wanting to take a grade 6 practical exam

Now that’s interesting!

Work with a highly qualified tutor who will help you to:
Improve your technique
Excel in aural tests
Learn the theory required for your grade
Achieve fantastic results on your practical exam And yes, our lessons are fun too!
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